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Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart transplantation, also known as cardiac transplantation, is a major and complex surgery in which healthy donor heart is provided to the patient who has an injured or diseased heart. The heart transplantation takes place due to heart failure which means that heart is unable to perform its main and most important function of pumping blood to the human body.

The typical symptoms of heart failure are
  • shortness of breath
  • poor exercise
  • cough (especially at night),
  • fatigue
  • Fluid retention

A transplant team properly researches your reports and goes through your test reports and then decide if you should go for a heart transplant or not.

What are the main causes of heart failure?
  • Heart attack
  • Hypertension
  • Infections
  • Alcohol and cocaine use
  • Heart disease

But it’s not necessary that every person who has suffered a heart failure has to undergo heart transplantation. Its only when your transplant physician recommends to you that your body needs heart transplantation then you should go for it.

Once it is decided that your heart needs a transplant, the doctors decides to put the patients name on the waiting list. The waiting time may vary from days to months, depending on the necessity of your situation. Once you receive the call that a heart is available, you are expected to immediately reach the hospital. The surgery usually takes around 4 hours. After the surgery you will be shifted to the ICU unit. And as you recover slowly and gradually you will be shifted to a common room.

After Transplantation Surgery

After leaving the hospital, the patients need to be specially taken care of. He or she should slowly increase the level of activities. Proper medication and exercises which your cardiologist recommends should be done. And regular follow ups with your physician is necessary to keep you healthy and wise.

If we take proper care and take necessary precautions on the occurrence of these symptoms then we can prevent heart failures. But still if your measures and precautions don’t work out, then you may opt for a heart transplant. It’s been a myth all over the world and also many people believe that heart transplant is a cure, but it should be noted that it is actually not a cure but simply a treatment.

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