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Important Information For Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

“Welcome to the Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital” where you will be cared by a team of true professionals – doctors, nurses and allied health care workers. We understand that undergoing Surgery for Heart or Lung ailments will perhaps be one of the major – most event in your and your family’s life. We assure you we will go to the other end of the world to ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

The information provided here will guide and help you to understand the course of this event while in hospital and during the first 4 weeks after your operation. To facilitate better understanding so that you become a “well informed participant” in your care a specially trained Nurse Educator will assist you in a step by step education session on the day you are admitted on the surgical floor. This is a taxing time for you and your loved ones but I assure you we at Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital can help you improve your heart health the benefit of which you will enjoy for many years.