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Patient’s Testimonials

Thanks to Dr Sinha and his team for conducting flawless Heart Valve Surgery and saving my life. Post Valve Heart Surgery care given to me was amazing; especially humane touch by Dr Sinha..

(Mrs Poonam Gupta)

I want to convey my special gratitude to Dr Sinha for advising & conducting timely Heart Bypass Surgery of mine & thanks him & his team for all care given to me & my family during my stay at hospital..

(Deepak Singh)

I had major heart problem with multiple blockages; thanks to Dr Sinha for meticulous minimally invasive heart bypass surgery performed on me & giving me a new life. God bless you Dr Sinha.

(Hardeep Singh)

My daughter was having by birth heart defect (hole in heart) & doctors advice us immediate heart surgery. We convey our special thanks to Dr Sinha for performing successful surgery & giving best care. (statement by baby Meena month Mrs Kavita Mishra from Patna).

(Baby Meena)

I chose Dr Sinha and Max Hospital, Saket because of best cardiac surgery expertise of Dr Sinha & state of the art facility and utmost patient care & safety at Max Hospital, Saket. Dr Sinha’s compassionate approach, advise me on the best course of treatment. Dr Sinha chose minimally invasive approach for my bypass surgery. Just a few days after surgery I started feeling much better than before the surgery. Now I am headed back to work and is feeling very young..

(Mohamad from Iraq)

I had a trouble in breathing and consulting Dr Sinha determined that the problem was with my heart with multiple bloackages. After deciding that I would need heart surgery & discussed the option of minimally invasive surgery with Dr Sinha of Max Hospital, Saket. Dr Sinha, who has performed thousands of successful open heart procedures and regularly performs minimally invasive heart surgery, gave me new life; after by bypass surgery I feel much better ever before. God bless him with immense strength to continue severing humanity!!!.

(Cathy from England)

I had a near fatal heart attack and taken to Max Hospital, Saket and was admitted to the CVU. Dr Sinha’s timely intervention with a minimally invasive heart surgery gave me a new life. The excellent care of the nurses, the cardiologist, cardio-thoracic surgeon, and staff saved my life. My family and I are very grateful to Dr Sinha & his team for giving best medical treatment to me..

(Mr A Gupta)

I am from from Iraq. Dr. S. K. Sinha operated me for Minimally Invasive MVR. Now I am fine and back to my normal life. Thanks to Dr. Sinha.

(Minimally Invasive MVR Patient)

Dr. S. K. Sinha operated a MVR patient with small incision.

(MVR patient with small incision)