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An Overview Of Heart Valve Disease

An Overview Of Heart Valve Disease

The situation when one or more than one heart valve does not functions properly refers to the heart valve dieses or disorder. The human heart consists of 4 valves:

  • Tricuspid
  • Pulmonary
  • Mitral
  • Aortic valve

The above 4 valves also had flap of tissues which altogether with heart beat opens and closes. The major role of these flaps is to ensure that the blood is flowing in the direction which is right. The blood flows from the 4 chambers of the heart to rest of the body.

Causes- due to some by birth defect or changes relating to age, any kind of infection or some other condition due to which the valves of the heart does not open fully. Due to which the blood flows back to the chambers of the heart. This makes the pressure on the working of the heart and makes it complicated affair. It adversely affects the pumping ability of the heart.

Working of heart valves-

When the heart beats the blood which returns from the body & the lungs is collected in the atria [the two upper chambers of the heart]. 2 valves mitral & tricuspid are located at the chamber’s bottom. When the blood is collected in the atria the valves open in order to allow the circulation of the blood into the ventricle [two lower chambers of the heart]. When there is contraction in ventricles the two valves starting shutting in tightest way. This lead to prevention of flowing of blood back to the atria.

Problem of heart valve:

The three generally found problems of heart valves are:

  • Stenosis
  • Regurgitation
  • Artesia

Regurgitation/ back flow- when valves are not closed tightly then the regurgitation occur. The blood starts leaking back in the chamber instead of flowing forward through heart or into artery.

In USA prolapsed is the major cause of the back flow. It occurs when the heart beats there is bulge back in upper chamber of the heart. Mitral valves are majorly affected by the prolapsed.

Artesia- it occurs when there is deficiency of the opening for the blood to pass and circulate.

In some person this disease is by birth or default while in other person it is due to some other reason found in latter stage of the life.

Congenital heart disease- this heart disease develops from the birth time. The improper formation of the pulmonary and the aortic valves is resultant into the congenital heart defect.

Consult the best heart surgeon if you are suffering from heart related disease.