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Cardiac Remodeling or Ventricular Remodeling surgery


Cardiac Remodeling or Ventricular Remodeling surgery

Human heart is known to be the most important and continuously working organ in the human body which is constantly pumping purified blood in the different parts of the body through some specified patterns and along with that impure blood is being collected from the various parts and is sent to the heart for purification. Once after the purification the purified blood is sent to the lungs for oxygenation i.e. for mixing the blood with oxygen and then that oxygenated blood is sent back to the heart again and then that blood from the heart is sent to all the parts of the body. Human heart is the one who makes sure that constantly and consistently blood is being pumped to all the parts of the body and this heart is made up of a total of four chambers viz. right auricle, right ventricle, left auricle and left ventricle.

In case even a minor problem is being observed in the working or functioning of this heart, it can become a very major issue for the healthy living of a human being so any health related problems associated with heart is dealt with utmost care and concern may it be the ones which can be treated with proper medication or they are the ones which have to be treated with some serious surgeries or operation. One such major surgery or operation related with one important part of this human heart is ventricular remodeling surgery which is also known as cardiac remodeling surgery. This problem of ventricular remodeling deals with the changes occurring in the size, shape, internal and external structure and the function of the heart. This problem mainly arises because of any injury to the heart muscle or this typically arises due to acute myocardial infarction (also known as transmural or ST segment elevation infarction). Some other general causes which lead to opting for ventricular remodeling surgery include an increase in pressure, an increase in volume, overloaded pressure, overloaded volume etc.

Apart from all the above mentioned causes and consequences, chronic hypertension, congenital heart problems along with intracardiac shunting, valvular heart disease etc can also be there leading to this ventricular remodeling surgery. The most common consequence of this remodeling problem is that it results in diminished contractile function (also known as systolic function) and much reduced stroke volume. This ventricular remodeling also includes some other related problems which can also be treated properly.