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Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs in the Women


Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs in the Women

We all have seen that dramatic scene where man gasps clutches his chest and falls to the ground but in reality, the time when actual heart attack strives the scene may not be that dramatic. In a woman, there are no classic heart symptoms as found in the men like crushing pain in the chest that radiates down one arm of the person. In case of the women, there are many vague or even “silent” symptoms which they generally miss to notice.

Following are the common six heart attack symptoms in women:

  • Pain in the chest or discomfort. Chest pain is one of the most common heart attack symptom or sign.  But in women, this symptom is experienced differently than men. They may feel squeezing or fullness, and the pain which could be anywhere in the chest or on the left side. During the heart attack, it feels like the vise being tightened or truly uncomfortable.
  • Pain in the arms, back, neck, or sometimes even in the jaw. This kind of pain is usually experienced by the woman, not by the men. The pain can be of any kind such as sudden or gradual or it can be in form of wax and wane before it becomes intense. The pain is so intense that it makes you awake if you are sleeping and you feel truly uncomfortable. Woman generally complains the pain in the upper part of the body above the waist to the doctor or some other healthcare
  • Pain in the stomach. Generally, the pain which is the symptom of the heart attack is confused with the heartburn, the flu, or a stomach ulcer. Abdominal pressure is also experienced by the women in many cases.
  • Shortness of breath, nausea, or lightheadedness. Trouble in breathing which is not due to any apparent reason, then it may be the symptoms of the heart attack especially when this problem is attached with one or more other signs.
  • Sweating. Women who are having a heart attack experience breaking out in a nervous and cold sweat. Sweating which is other than the perspiration which is the result of workout or spending time in hot weather. If you experience this kind of sweating then it is recommended to consult the physician.
  • Fatigue. Some women complain of tiredness in the chest. Women feel tiredness even if being sitting for a while on the similar place and had not moved.

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptom, visit a good cardiologist as soon as possible.