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Activity Regime In Ward

Your post-op physical program will involve a range of activities. If possible prior to your surgery you should practice some of these activities, such as getting up from a chair without using your arms.

A. Protecting Your Sternum

Almost all Heart operations are performed by cutting your Breast bone in the middle. This bone is cut using an Electric Saw that divides it into two half’s. At the end of the procedure this clean fracture is carefully fixed using 6 to 8 stainless steel wires. At Max we have developed a novel safe technique to firmly fix your sternum so as t enable you free mobility by the time you are discharged home – including the luxury of sleeping on your side!!. However during the immediate post operative period you need to be careful with your healing breast bone. “Practices” to ensure your sternum is not put under too much strain while it is healing will be introduced during your hospital stay.

You will be taught by the physiotherapist / nurse how to:

  • hold your folded towel tightly to your chest when coughing, sneezing, hiccupping – all the time clasping the sides of your chest with your arms.
  • avoid putting pressure through your arms especially while getting in and out of bed, getting out of chairs etc.
    Place your arms across your chest during these transfers.