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Admission Process Length Of Stay

  • Once admitted for surgery, you will attend a “briefing” session at the In-patient Admission Counter of Max Healthcare. Thereafter you will be seen by your nurse & doctor.
  • You will have several tests (for example Blood / Urine tests, ECG, Chest X-Ray and a lung function test) completed prior to having your operation. They will be done on arrival, in the cardiac ward.
  • Please bring to hospital all your current medications and all previous medical records / Angiography CD / CT Scan Films relevant to your current illness for which you are being admitted to Hospital.

    Each individual will recover at different rates following heart / lung surgery depending on your age, general health and fitness level. Thus, your hospital stay may vary in length of time. The average being 7 days. 1 – 2 days before and 4 – 5 days after surgery.

    In most cases you will be admitted to the cardiac floor after your cardiologist has completed his work up which usually involves an angiogram 1 – 2 day prior to your surgery.