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General Physical Activity Guideline

Light Moderate Heavy (optional)
PERSONAL Showering, shaving, dressing, cooking, bed making, ironing, slow, stair climbing Sexual relations, shopping, carrying groceries, laundry, hanging out clothes
HOUSE AND GARDEN Do it yourself jobs (no lifting) tending pot plants, hand watering Vacuuming, mopping, washing car, weeding, digging, lawn mowing Lifting objects >25kg, car repairs, chopping wood, erecting fences and pergolas
RECREATION Art and craft work, board and table games, playing piano, putting and chipping Bowling games, social dancing, social racquet games, golf, fishing Singles tennis, hiking
EXERCISE 5 – 15 minutes stroll or low resistance stationery cycle (twice daily) plus light exercises 20 – 40 minute comfortable walk or leisurely bicycling plus graded exercises 30 – 60 minute fast walk or jog, swimming laps, rowing machine aerobics