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Going Home After Cardiac Surgery

  • Observe your wounds daily for signs of infection. Signs of infection may include redness, increasing soreness, hot to touch and increasing discharge or ooze from your wound. Please call the home care helpline to request for the wound care nurse to visit you at home. Alternately see GP / Doctor as soon as possible if you notice signs of infection.
  • Have a shower each day. Allow the water to run over the wounds. Do not rub the bar of soap directly into the wounds until they are fully healed. Pat the wounds dry with a clean towel separate from the one which you dry the rest of your body with.
  • The Wound Nurse looking after you in the ward will visit you at home (at an additional charge) if you live in Delhi / NCR. He / she will let you know if any treatment or dressing will be required on your wounds once you go home.
  • If you are instructed to apply betadine to your wounds – first make sure you wash your hands. Do this after shower. Apply betadine with gentle even pressure; wipe in one direction only over the wound. The aim is to leave a yellow colouring over the wound. You may need to repeat this process a second time with a clean swab. Use a separate swab for each cut/wound. Only needs to be done once daily unless your nurse indicates otherwise. Let the betadine dry a few minutes before getting dressed.

Continue to take analgesia/tablets for pain relief as directed by your doctor. The amount of pain/discomfort that you may get and how quickly it goes away is very individual. The wound pain/discomfort should gradually reduce over a period of time.


The heart is a ‘special organ’. Some common reactions during recovery are:

  • loss of confidence
  • anxiety
  • doing too much too soon
  • depression
  • increased awareness of your body

There is no set time period for everything to return to normal. Everybody is an individual and will recover at different rates.

Allow yourself time to recover. Remind yourself that your health comes before other activities or problems.