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Inpatient Mobility Program

Days Post Operative


Day 0
  • Operation Day
Day 1
  • Sitting up in bed by P.M.
  • Marching on spot during transfers bed to chair
Day 2
  • Sitting up in bed
  • Sitting out of bed in chair
  • Marching on spot during transfers bed to chair Commence walking short distances – eg bed to bathroom
  • Nursing staff will assist you with your shower once your drains are removed today
Day 3
  • Increasing numbers of short walks around ward – eg patient bed to nursing station. Ensure good rests between them
Day 4
  • Begin laps of the corridor – from bed to end of building, then to the cross corridor at the end of Ward and back to bed. 5 times over the day. Eg 2 walks in morning, 2 walks in afternoon and 1 walk in evening.
  • If able, then in discussion with the doctor and the physiotherapist you may commence circuits of the ward.
  • You can take a shower by afternoon with some assistance.
Day 5
  • Commence circuits of ward – around the centre block of the ward and back to bed
  • Your physiotherapist will take you on a flight of stairs, taking your pulse before and after. Do not attempt stairs prior to this
Day 6
  • Discharge day – commence outpatient walking program of 30 minutes a day (as described in this booklet)