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Medications After Heart Surgery

Medications are part of the long-term management of heart disease. The aim of therapy is to reduce your risk of a further cardiac event. Medications work in combination with other treatments for heart disease such as surgery and lifestyle changes.

Before you are discharged from hospital you will receive education and information sheets on the medications the doctor has prescribed for you.

General Advice for taking medications
  • It is very important to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor
  • Refill repeat prescriptions before you run out
  • Take your medications even if you are feeling well
  • Don’t abruptly stop taking your medications, as sudden withdrawal may be hazardous
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water or fluid to flush down your medications
  • Carry a list of your medications with you at all times
Tips for remembering to take your medications
  • Take your medications at the same time each day/
  • When you have taken your medications mark it off on a calendar
  • Associate medication taking with meals, but remember some medicines may need to be taken before the meal and some after the meal
  • What to do if you miss a dose

Take the dose as soon as you remember

If it is nearly time for your next dose do not take the missed dose

Simply resume your regular dosing schedule

If you are unsure of what action to take contact your GP or pharmacist