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Preparation For Surgery

The Cardiac Nurse Educator will brief you about all you need to know about either Coronary Artery Disease or Valve Replcaement Surgery depending on the procedure you are scheduled to undergo. In a group session she will take you through a “Step by Step guide” of what will happen to you during the roughly 7 day period you will be admitted with us. She will then hand you a well illustrated brochure which will cover almost all the details that you can understand about the disease/ you are suffering from and how we are going to help you recover from that disease and finally what you should realistically expect from your surgery. A small additional charge will apply if you choose to receive a copy

BODY CLIP / SHAVE:- You will have the hairs on your chest / back and possibly your legs or arms clipped / shaved prior to going to the operating theatre. Patients will be offered the opportunity to do this themselves.

SHOWERING:- You will be asked to shower using an antiseptic solution (Microshield). This solution is to assist in prevention of infection. You will shower with this solution the day before and day of your surgery.

A specific order is recommended:
  • Wet all your body and hair
  • Use the solution to wash your face
  • Then wash your chest
  • Next wash your arms and legs
  • Wash your hair
  • The rest of your body should be washed (don’t forget the belly button)
  • Finally wash your groin, bottom and genital area.

You may also be asked to shower with the antiseptic solution 2 to 3 days following surgery as well.

BACTOROLON:- Nasal Administration

FASTING:- On the day of your operation you cannot eat or drink anything from 12 midnight, unless you are told otherwise by the nurse caring for you.

You will be informed approximate the time of your operation by the evening prior to your surgery.