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Is surgery the only treatment for a congenital heart?

Is surgery the only treatment for a congenital heart?

The congenital heart is the most common heart condition in babies. It is a birth defect that could be due to a genetic disorder or a combination of genes and other factors that include the overall medical condition of an expecting mother. But you should go to the best child heart surgeon for treatment.

Today parents have little to worry as advancements in medical technologies have made it possible to detect congenital heart problems at an early stage and cure the defect.

Pediatric cardiac surgery in Delhi isn’t the only treatment available for the congenital heart. Depending on the condition, a surgeon could start the treatment with medicines. There are medicines that can help cure heart defect. But sometimes a surgical procedure becomes mandatory.

Implantable heart device

A pacemaker could help regulate the abnormal heart rate better than medicines. Or a surgeon can choose to an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) that works better in correcting irregular heartbeats that could be life-threatening.

Catheter procedure

Some defects require surgical treatment but the catheterization technique prevents opening the chest too and the heart. And the best child heart surgeon would know how to send a catheter through a vein into the heart. A catheter is a thin tube inserted in a vein on the leg and guided to the heart where it is positioned on the defective part. Small tools are threaded through the tube to the heart and the surgery is performed.

Open-heart surgery

Congenital heart problems involving stitching holes, repairing valves, and widening blood vessels require the heart to open. Here open-heart surgery is used. It is a difficult procedure but the technological advancement in the field of medical makes it safer for most patients.

Heart transplant

It is needed but in rare cases where it becomes very difficult to correct the congenital heart with other methods. But most of the times, the regular paediatric cardiac heart surgery in Delhi works well and live their lives to the full. Once corrected, there are little chances of children developing the heart problem in life.

Parents of children with congenital heart problems should have peace of mind as they can easily get the right treatment. There are many ways of treating this heart condition and a heart transplant is needed only in the rarest of the rare cases. If your child is suffering from a congenital heart, you should get the child examined by the best child heart surgeon that can diagnose the problem and start the treatment before the child’s condition worsens.