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Lifestyle you Should Adopt after a Heart Attack

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Lifestyle you Should Adopt after a Heart Attack

When coronary arteries get blocked or the passage is constricted due to deposition of cholesterol and fat, it results in the obstruction of blood supply to the heart, damaging a part of it. About one in four people die because of heart attacks. But, the incidence of repetitive heart attacks can be minimized by adopting some simple habits in our daily lives.

  1. Adopting a healthy diet: Since cholesterol deposition is the major reason for the blockage of the arteries, one should switch his diet plans to a low fat, low calorific food. Plant based diet contain a lot of fiber that not only helps to maintain a good health, but also to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. Healthy fats found in oil fish, avocados, chia seeds and nuts like almonds can help to reduce amount of LDL and balance the ratio with HDL (good cholesterol). Adopting a diet plan which provides omega-3 and omega-6 is essential.
  2. Breathe air, not smoke: smoking cigarettes can lead to accumulation of highly toxic substances in the body that are definitely not beneficial for heart. So, smoking should be discontinued immediately after heart attack.
  3. Exercising: Exercises should not be immediately followed by a heart attack. Exercising should be started only after a doctor’s advice. The first stage of exercise should be slow and gentle. The second stage of exercise should be taken up after a few weeks. This phase is a little vigorous and should only be carried out in the presence of a cardiac rehabilitation specialist or a heart therapist. If this stage is crossed, one can now exercise of his own, but very carefully.
  4. Losing weight: one should always try to balance between the diet and the exercise that he takes up. This is the only way heart patients can lose their weight after a heart attack. It is advisable to lose weight to get the perfect BMI. This may take time, but one should keep trying.
  5. Stress management: The most important of all is to manage the stress. Music, meditation and yoga are the best ways to relax the mind and body and stay stress free.
  6. A check on diabetes: a diabetic person takes a little more time than others to heal from a heart attack and diabetes can complicate the treatment procedure. Hence, managing diabetes is a must.
  7. Avoid consumption of liquor: alcohol temporarily increases the heart rate and blood pressure, which is severely damaging for a weak heart.

Take a course of action and gain healthy bonus points for your life.