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Paediatric Cardiac Surgery in Delhi India

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery in Delhi India

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery is a heart surgery done for the children to fix the heart defects. Children, who are born with the heart diseases and congenital heart defects, need this surgery. The heart defects are numerous, ranging with less complexity to more complexity. These defects can happen either inside the heart or blood vessels outside the heart. Depending on the severity of the heart defect or disease, one or a series of procedures is required.


Some of the following symptoms may indicate the need of the surgery.

The lips, skin and nail beds get gray or blue. It shows hypoxia or no enough oxygen levels in the blood. Since the lungs get congested wet or get filled with fluids, there could be difficulty of breathing. Problems associated the rhythm or heart rate is seen as important symptoms. Poor sleeping, poor feeding and fewer rates of growth and development found in the children also may lead to the need of this surgical procedure.


Before the surgery is performed, it is important to make the child ready for the surgery in all the ways. If the child is old enough to understand, try to involve the specialist in the child’s life and let the child get acquainted with the hospital and surgical areas prior to the surgery.

There would certain tests conducted like X-rays of the chest, blood tests, cardiac catheterization, echocardiogram and electrocardiogram. The physical condition along with the previous medical history would be examined for suitability of the patient for the surgery.

Surgery involves invasive methods so, the surgery is a little complicated. A tube is arranged in the airway and respirator for breathing support. The child would be sedated during the surgery. Small tubes are also given so that fluids and medicine are supplied during the surgery. Another small tube is inserted in an artery.

Risks Associated with the heart surgeries

There would be a possibility of blood clots, pneumonia, air bubbles, heartbeat problems, stroke and stroke. When professional surgeons perform the surgical procedures in hygienic operation theaters and trained, qualified other medical professionals have done these procedures, there are hardly chances that these risks would arise. Chest tubes help draining the blood, fluid and air from the chest cavity. Tubes to feed and another one are given to empty the stomach. Urine is measured using a bladder drain tube for a few days.

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