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A heart problem can occur at any time and even without warning. But there is little to worry about a heart ailment as you can get the right treatment even for heart failure if you reach a heart specialist doctor in Delhi on time. Symptoms of a failing heart: Shortness of breathSwelling of legs, ankles, feet, or handsWeight increaseTirednessFaintingAbrupt increase in a heartbeat Types of heart failure Heart failure problem is classified into two broad types 1. Systolic dysfunction It is the cause of over 70% of heart failures. It occurs when the heart fails to pump the oxygenated blood to the body. In this problem,

You will be referred to the best vascular surgeon in Delhi NCR by your primary care doctor if he finds any anomaly in your blood vessel system except in the heart and brain. Medical conditions requiring vascular treatment 1. Abdominal aortic aneurysm The largest artery in the abdomen forms a bulge due to the weakening of the blood vessel. The bulge is filled with blood and if ruptures, it could lead to internal bleeding that could lead to the death of the patient. It requires quick medical intervention to prevent the aneurysm from rupturing. 2. Carotid artery disease It is the main artery of the

Minimal invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) is a blessing for people suffering from coronary artery disease that involves blockage in the major blood vessels. These vessels supply blood to the heart and their blockage could result in heart failure. The best vascular surgeon in Delhi NCR will suggest CABG for the coronary heart problem. What is coronary heart disease? Coronary artery problem is a serious condition as it impacts heart function directly. The major cause of this problem is a buildup of plaque in major arteries. Blood vessels that bring fresh oxidized blood to the heart develop obstruction that reduces the

Coronary heart disease or artery blockage is common in diabetics but those suffering from hypertension or obesity could also develop this disease. Smoking and family history of heart problems could also be reasons behind artery blockage according to top vascular surgeons in Delhi. What are the symptoms of arterial blockage? You will experience a heavy feeling in the chest. It will be like gas forming in the chest especially during activities or exertion. And you will try reducing your physical activities to circumvent the problem. But it requires surgical treatment. You will feel pain in the chest and shortness of breath because

You don’t need meeting a vascular specialist in Delhi to understand significance of a healthy vascular system. Your body has a web of blood vessels that transport oxidized blood throughout your body. It starts from lungs where oxygen is mixed into blood and pumps into the vessels that allow the blood to travel to vital organs and every cell and tissue. The point here is that a healthy vascular system is mandatory for a healthy body and mind. Also, you should be careful about the problems that could affect your vascular system. For example, take atherosclerosis that is buildup of a

A vascular specialist in Delhispecializes in managing conditions effecting blood vessels. For example, take leg pain with walking or even at rest could be due to a condition of blood vessels. And here you need seeing a specialist in vascular problems instead of taking painkillers. So, who are the people that carry greater risk of developing a problem related to blood vessels? • Aging can weaken the blood vessels and create problems. But the problem generally starts after 50 years of age • Diabetes can also be a reason to this problem. Diabetic people should remain cautious about vascular conditions • High blood pressure

Wait-and-watch approach for heart ailments could be suicidal hence it is advised that you listen to your heart and consult the best heart specialist in Delhi for opinion. And it becomes more necessary for people belonging of the following categories. 1. Family history of heart problems If heart ailments run in your family then you are at a higher risk of developing similar problems as your ancestors. And it could be due to a genetic disorder. If the heart problem is in the history of your family then you are likely to develop the same medical condition even when you are leading

If you remain a little vigilant, you can know that you have a heart problem and that you need visiting a heart specialist doctor in Delhi. One can develop a heart problem even when he doesn’t have any underlying condition that can affect his heart. Look for the symptoms that can save you from heart emergency 1. Chest discomfort It is the first and the most common sign of an underlying heart problem. If you have a blocked artery, you could feel tightness, pressure and pain in chest. And it could start anytime and anywhere. It could be a brief pain and could

If you go to a heart specialist in Delhi for the treatment of coronary arteries, the doctor is more likely to suggest bypass surgery. It isn’t that coronary arteries can’t be treated with medicines but using a bypass gives more freedom from the worries. Let’s understand the details of bypass surgery A sticky substance called plaque deposits in arteries resulting in narrowing of the veins leading to blockage of the blood flow. If left untreated, it could result in stroke or heart failure and sudden death. But the good thing is that the problem can be diagnosed at an early stage and