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Wait-and-watch approach for heart ailments could be suicidal hence it is advised that you listen to your heart and consult the best heart specialist in Delhi for opinion. And it becomes more necessary for people belonging of the following categories. 1. Family history of heart problems If heart ailments run in your family then you are at a higher risk of developing similar problems as your ancestors. And it could be due to a genetic disorder. If the heart problem is in the history of your family then you are likely to develop the same medical condition even when you are leading

If you remain a little vigilant, you can know that you have a heart problem and that you need visiting a heart specialist doctor in Delhi. One can develop a heart problem even when he doesn’t have any underlying condition that can affect his heart. Look for the symptoms that can save you from heart emergency 1. Chest discomfort It is the first and the most common sign of an underlying heart problem. If you have a blocked artery, you could feel tightness, pressure and pain in chest. And it could start anytime and anywhere. It could be a brief pain and could

If you go to a heart specialist in Delhi for the treatment of coronary arteries, the doctor is more likely to suggest bypass surgery. It isn’t that coronary arteries can’t be treated with medicines but using a bypass gives more freedom from the worries. Let’s understand the details of bypass surgery A sticky substance called plaque deposits in arteries resulting in narrowing of the veins leading to blockage of the blood flow. If left untreated, it could result in stroke or heart failure and sudden death. But the good thing is that the problem can be diagnosed at an early stage and

The congenital heart is the most common heart condition in babies. It is a birth defect that could be due to a genetic disorder or a combination of genes and other factors that include the overall medical condition of an expecting mother. But you should go to the best child heart surgeon for treatment. Today parents have little to worry as advancements in medical technologies have made it possible to detect congenital heart problems at an early stage and cure the defect. Pediatric cardiac surgery in Delhi isn’t the only treatment available for the congenital heart. Depending on the condition, a surgeon

What is coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery? According to the American Heart Association, coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries are among the most commonly performed major operations. CABG surgery is advised for selected groups of patients with significant narrowings and blockages of the heart arteries (coronary artery disease). CABG surgery creates new routes around narrowed and blocked arteries, allowing sufficient blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle. How does coronary artery disease develop? Coronary artery disease (CAD) occurs when atherosclerotic plaque (hardening of the arteries) builds up in the wall of the arteries that supply the heart. This

What Is Congenital Heart Disease? Congenital heart disease or even, a congenital heart defect is a heart aberration existing at birth. The problem can distress: the heart walls the heart valves the blood vessels There are several types of congenital heart defects. They are wide-ranging and start from simple disorders that don’t cause signs to complicated issues that cause severe, life-threatening indications. What Are the Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease? A congenital heart defect is every so often noticed during a pregnancy ultrasound. Consult with a most reputable Dr. SK Sinha that will check your abnormal heartbeat, for example; they might further scrutinize the

Heart failure, from time to time identified as congenital heart defect or failure, happens when your heart muscle doesn't propel blood as well as it should be done. Several disorders, such as contracted arteries in your heart (coronary artery syndrome) or high blood pressure, slowly leave your heart too feeble or rigid to seal and pump successfully. Not the whole conditions that promote heart failure can be upturned, but treatments can increase the signs and symptoms of heart failure and assist you to live longer. The way of life alters — such as working out, falling sodium in your diet, dealing

When coronary arteries get blocked or the passage is constricted due to deposition of cholesterol and fat, it results in the obstruction of blood supply to the heart, damaging a part of it. About one in four people die because of heart attacks. But, the incidence of repetitive heart attacks can be minimized by adopting some simple habits in our daily lives. Adopting a healthy diet: Since cholesterol deposition is the major reason for the blockage of the arteries, one should switch his diet plans to a low fat, low calorific food. Plant based diet contain a lot of fiber

Both the stroke and a heart attack occur suddenly. Both carry few common symptoms while the causes differ with each other. The symptom of a stroke is associated with a sudden and powerful headache. The stroke is related to the brain attack while the heart attack is related to severe chest pain. Before getting on the treatment for each, it becomes evident to have a study on the symptoms and the causes. On what factors the symptoms depend on? The symptoms to both the stroke and heart attack depends largely on the severity of the attack, the age of the patient, the gender

For a healthy body, you need healthy heart. It is the factory of your body which keeps you on the go always. Therefore, you must take special care of your heart. Bringing some changes in your lifestyle is enough to keep your heart at healthy condition. And you don’t need to put much effort for that. Let’s see how you can pamper your heart to keep it active - Quit Smoking- Not just one everyday or every week, just quit it. Smoking is one of the killer reasons of cardiovascular diseases. Not only your heart, but this habit also have dangerous effects