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High blood pressure can quietly damage your body for years before any symptoms develop. If left uncontrolled you may wind up with the disability a poor quality of life or even a fatal heart attack. Generally, half the people with untreated hypertension die of heart disease related to poor blood flow. Treatment and lifestyle changes can help control your high blood pressure to reduce the risk of life-threatening complication. Damage to arteries Healthy arteries are flexible, strong and elastic. Their inner lining is in general smooth so that blood flows freely, supplying vital organs and tissues with nutrients and oxygen. Hypertension gradually

If the child has a congenital heart defect, that means that he or she was with the problem in the structure of the heart. Some congenital heart defects in children are simple and do not need any kind of treatment. However, there are some defects in children that are very complex and may require several surgeries to be performed over the period of several years. Types of Congenital Heart Defects Stenosis: The valve of the heart becomes narrow or stiff and does not allow blood to pass easily. Regurgitation: The valve is not tight enough to close and hence the blood leak backward. Atresia:

People often think that heart attack is the same thing as cardiac arrest. However, it is not true.  In order to understand the difference between the heart attack and the cardiac arrest it is necessary we understand what happens in both the processes. What is a heart attack? The heart is actually a type of muscles which require oxygenated blood supply continuously. This is provided to the heart by the artery known as a coronary artery. A heart attack happens when there is a blockage of the coronary arteries. The most common cause of the blockage is the blood clot. If such

Dr Sk Sinha has been selected in the list of top 50 influential person in Bihar by Asia Post and Fame Magazine. Read the published post.   वर्तमान में मैक्स हॉस्पिटल के डायरेक्टर व मशहूर ह्रदय चिकित्सक डॉ एस के सिन्हा का मुख्य लक्ष्य देश भर में बढ़ रहे हृदय रोगियों को उन्नत तकनीक से कम कीमत की बेहतर कार्डियक सर्जरी की सेवा उपलब्ध करवाने की है। इस मिशन के तहत छोटे शहरों में सामान्य  अस्पत ालों में भी उच्चस्तरीय कार्डि यक सर्विस उपलब्ध करवाने का इनका प्रयास जारी है. 25 वर्षो के कार्डियक सर्जरी के कॅरीअर के दौरान इन्होंने नौ हजार से ज्यादा

Rheumatic heart disease is a circumstance in which the heart valves have been enduringly damaged by rheumatic fever. The heart valve damage starts with a delayed or no treatment of the strep infection. In some cases, strep throat also called scarlet fever which is caused by the streptococcus bacteria can progress to rheumatic fever when it is not treated properly.  Rheumatic heart disease is caused by rheumatic fever, which is an inflammatory disease that affects more than one connective tissue like heart, joints or brain. The symptoms of this disease change over the course of time. The symptoms that you might

Heart attack and the heart failure both are forms of heart disease. This is the common fact between them. However, they also differ in many ways. Mostly the heart attack happens when one of the arteries leading to heart gets blocked and cuts off the blood flow. Without oxygen, the heart muscles start dying. Heart failure on the other hand usually develops progressively. The heart muscle becomes weaker due to which they become incapable to pump oxygen-enriched blood to all parts of the body. This is a chronic condition and generally gets worse with time.  However, with the help of medications,

When you cut your finger with a knife while cutting an onion, and blood is beginning to flow, slowly at the first and rapidly afterward. You clean the site and apply pressure. Soon the bleeding stops and you apply a bandage. Whether you realize or not but a clot has formed. Blood clotting is preventing the blood from flowing. Blood clotting is a natural process without it; you can be at a great risk of bleeding to death from a simple cut. Blood clots are healthy and lifesaving when they stop bleeding. But they can also form when they aren’t needed