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Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases are responsible for huge number of deaths every year not only in India but also abroad. In this medical condition, the heart vessels of the patient get narrow or blocked due to which blood flow through them is restricted. This leads to heart attack which if not treated immediately can prove to be life-threatening. Heart diseases also include those health conditions of the person in which his heart muscles, rhythm of the heart, valves etc are affected. Majority of the heart problems can be treated or prevented by making lifestyle changes but a healthy lifestyle can’t be sure-shot guarantee that you won’t get any heart problems in future.

There are certain risk factors for heart diseases that make a person more prone to become the victim of them. Some of these risk factors have the tendency to make the existing condition even more worst. To name a few:

  • Age factor
  • Gender
  • Family background of heart problems
  • Genetics
  • High BP and high cholesterol levels
  • Obesity
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption
  • Certain diseases like diabetes

A number of risk factors can be managed by medications or by making some lifestyle changes. However, there are few risk factors that are uncontrollable like age, family history of heart diseases etc. Women over the age of 55 years or those who have experienced menopause become more prone to falling prey to these diseases because in such situations their estrogen levels drop. Such females have more chances of getting heart problems as compared to those who have not yet gone through menopause. Preeclampsia during pregnancy is another risk factor which is not under your control. Same goes for the family history of heart issues. If your father, grandfather or anyone in your blood relations got heart diseases then your chances of being a victim to these troubles are very high. But if can try, you can at least prevent heart diseases from occurring or delay its symptoms by going for healthy diet, active lifestyle, daily exercises and much more.

You must be aware of the fact that every risk factor increases your chances of getting heart diseases. Therefore, if you have more than one risk factor then your chances are very high and your condition might be risky. These risk factors collect and form a sort of gang making your health conditions very bad. Therefore, take proper care of your heart if you want to live a happy & peaceful life.