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Stress Management – Causes of Stress

Stress Management

Stress Management – Causes of Stress

In this hectic lifestyle, almost everyone is stressed out due to some or the other reason. Stress is normal most of the times and in fact it serves a useful purpose of motivation in various phases of your life like promotion in your job, doing better in sports etc. If stress persists for longer duration of time then it can pose threat for your health and family life. Stress is mainly divided into two parts: Acute Stress and Chronic Stress. Acute stress is for short-term like you react to an immediate threat which can be in the form of noise, crowd, hunger, unknown danger, infection etc. Chronic stress is for long-term as your urge to fight is suppressed and causes you to be in a stressful situation like financial problems, turbulent love life, huge pressure at work etc.

Causes of Stress:

Stress cause due to personal problems may include:

Health: Diagnosis of a new disease or suffering from symptoms due to an already existing disease can cause huge stress to a person. It has been noticed that even if your loved one or family member is suffering from some health issues, your stress levels increase.

Relationships: When you fight with your partner, children or any other family member, you tend to be stressed out due to current situation in the house. Even if you are not involved in the fight, you are still stressed.

Emotional issues: When you can’t express your emotions like anger to others, it leads to stress, depression and anxiety.

Life-changing experiences: Death of your loved one, marriage, divorce, leaving your home town can cause stress.

Financial problems: Debt or inability to fulfill your family’s desires due to money problem can pose huge stress on you.

Work pressure: Inability to perform well in your job is the major reason these days for stress.

Unemployment: Not able to find suitable job or getting fired from your current job lays great stress on the person.

Traumatic situations: Having dealt with rape, robbery, sexual assault or natural disaster can cause stress for long time.