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What Is Heart Valve Disease

Heart Valve Disease

What Is Heart Valve Disease

Heart Valve plays the precious role in the body to flow the blood accurately and functioning properly. Four valves are found in the heart which works different to supply the blood in body. Mostly the valve diseases are tracked from the birth. But it is not compulsory many old or young ages are also suffering from such issue.

Mitral valve prolapse: The diseases crop up when the mitral valve stops working and also such diseases push the blood flow in left atrium. In such diseases, patient does not need to worry because it is repaired with a surgery. There is no any advance intimation of this issue because it comes sudden by bad luck.

Bicuspid Aortic Disease: The problem comes in the birth time when child’s aortic value doesn’t have three flaps. The diseases could be removed in the birth time by surgery but people do not consider and it can run for long years. And after reaching the adult age the problem starts including shortness in breathing, pain in the chest and fainting.

Valvular Stenosis: In this disease heart doesn’t work a single percentage, it instantly stops working and unable to flow the blood. The reason of such problem could be breadth in the valve. The symptoms of this issue might be chest pain, problem in having breath, dizziness and fainting. Some patient avoids taking treatment and ignoring to replace it, but replacement is the solution of stenosis.

Above are diseases which are mostly found in the valve patient. It can be easily correct and supply the blood proper if the treatment it diagnosed at right time. If you face such issue then always concern to doctor instantly and go through as per his advice. Taking lightly initially could convert to biggest issue of the heart, so always visit the doctor in hinting of diseases.

The treatment of heart valve is possible with latest technology; the replacement and repairing give the same position to value performing as usual. Many experienced cardiologists are available to treat the valve and other disease related to heart. But the main thing is choosing the right doctor and hospital for the best treatment. That’s why a patient should understand the importance of such things and visit the qualified doctor.

Any valve disease is not simple to get recovered if the suitable action is not taken. It needs the surgery and long time follow up to check the status. Many tests are required before the surgery and after the operation therefore always goes the hospital where all facilities are available.