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When should you see a vascular specialist?

When should you see a vascular specialist?

A vascular specialist in Delhispecializes in managing conditions effecting blood vessels. For example, take leg pain with walking or even at rest could be due to a condition of blood vessels. And here you need seeing a specialist in vascular problems instead of taking painkillers.

So, who are the people that carry greater risk of developing a problem related to blood vessels?

• Aging can weaken the blood vessels and create problems. But the problem generally starts after 50 years of age

• Diabetes can also be a reason to this problem. Diabetic people should remain cautious about vascular conditions

• High blood pressure can create problems with blood vessels in the long run

• High cholesterol level can also cause vascular problems

• Heart disease could also develop problems related to blood vessels

• Smoking is a bad habit as it can lead to serious vascular conditions

• People with family history of heart or vascular disease have greater risk of developing this problem

If you are any one of the above-mentioned people then you should visit the best vascular surgeon in Delhi NCR on seeing the symptoms. If you have pain in leg and it remains consistent whether you move or take rest, it is a sign that you have a problem in blood vessels.

• Weaking of blood vessels leads to slow or sometimes non-healing of sores on feet

• You will often feel swelling or tightness in legs

• Your hands or feet will get cold or discoloured

• You will feel like losing control over one side of the body

• You will experience temporary vision loss or the vision could be blurry or you will see floating spots

• There will be clusters of veins on legs

• You could experience bulging or painful veins on legs

• You will have high blood pressure with decreased kidney function

If you witness any of the above-mentioned symptoms then you should visit a vascular surgeon in Delhi without any delay. You could require surgery like angioplasty where a thread is passed through a narrow artery to open up the vessel.

Surgery can treat a blood vessel condition and it is the best treatment for a vascular problem. If you are in the high-risk zone of developing the problem, you should keep an eye over the symptoms so that you get the treatment at earliest.

Look for top vascular surgeons in Delhi for treatment and visit one that is available, accessible and more reliable than others. The treatment would start after diagnosis.